Email Marketing & Newsletters

Communication is the goal for any website, but often we are required to push content out to our customer base rather than relying on them syndicating it from your site. Email marketing is one of the ways we digitally communicate on a regular basis, however producing a branded and targetted campaign which is tractable and displays properly across the board can often be a daunting task.

We have experience in designing and building robust, tailored email templates and newsletters using various email marketing systems available out there today.

Our skills

  • Designing branded emails
  • Building emails that work in all major clients
  • Integration with off-the-shelf email marketing tools
  • Mobile friendly email template design & build
  • Custom content pulled into email templates
  • Help understanding stats from recent campaigns
  • Adding signup forms to your website to build membership
  • Setting up standalone & recurring campaigns
Email Templates

Say what you want

Be it a one-shot piece of correspondence, an email newsletter template or a e-flyer of new offers for your online store; we've got you covered.

We have years of experience building emails which are branded and targeted and have been sent to hundreds of thousands of people.

We can take the creative lead or adhere to a set of brand guidelines. Give us the content, what you want to say and any supporting materials; and we'll come up with an email or newsletter template to fit your needs.

Email Marketing Services

Built to integrate

On top of building email templates, we specialise in building templates that integrate with leading email marketing tools such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. We have also worked with other companies to provide email templates for their own in-house and externally provided email marketing tools, give us the details and we can build templates to integrate with your preferred system.

Part of the appeal of these tools is in building a configurable template which allow you to modify, add and remove content from your templates to generate new emails to send. Once your template design is complete and built into your marketing tool you should be able to configure a new email within a few hours, not having to be concerned with the design or testing the email, that's all taken care of for you when the template is made.

If you're rolling your own email sending tool, or you work with one which doesn't allow this level of configurability; don't worry we've got you covered there too. We've built a number of email configuration tools which effectively replicate the template editing functionality to allow you to build standalone emails with your own content.

Tried and tested and tested and tested

An overly daunting prospect for most clients building email templates is making sure it displays properly across the plethora of different email clients. Unlike building content for the web, there aren't many well-defined standards for email coding, nor is there a gold standard for how to build and test your content. The reality is that the email browser market is a fractured, messy landscape and testing can be a nightmare.

Let us take the burden off of you, we build email templates to an ever changing list of heuristics to ensure that content is displayable on the majority of systems without issue. With the emergence of more and more mobile devices, responsive and mobile friendly templates are becoming more of a requirement for people and this increases the number of target devices you have to support. Once we're finished building a template we test, then test, and test again.

Getting your email campaign built by Red Wolf Digital

Engaging Red Wolf Digital to build you an email template is a simple process. It's helpful to have some indicative content to show or an idea of what you'll be sending out over time if you want a reusable template.

For most email marketing work we follow the steps below:

Brief What you need

You give us a brief of what you want produced, including the scope – if it's a one-shot email, newsletter template, etc. – and we have a discussion about what you would like.

Quote What we'll produce & for how much

We'll work up a quote for what you've asked for and lay out all the specifications for the work – essentially this is our contract of work and details what you will get at the end of the project.

Designs How it will look

We'll go away and design a solution following the details set out in the quote, using the branding you provided and producing a visual which should be on target for your audience and cover the content you want to include.

At this point we'll go back and forth to tweak any visual design issues until both parties are happy.

Building Creating your email template

Once we're all happy with the designs we then go on to build the template to the specifications you require. If you're integrating with an email marketing tool, we'll build in the relevant requirements for integration.

Testing And testing and testing

At this stage, once the resulting template matches the design and we're happy with the functionality we go off and test the email on various email browsers across lots of different platforms. We integrate with various web based services to facilitate the testing and generate reports to show compatibility.

Delivery Delivering or sending your email

Dependant on our agreement this stage will result in either the delivery of your email template to you; the addition of it to your email marketing account; or in us sending the email out on your behalf.